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NATO Mission Iraq Pre-Deployment Training 23-1 Concluded at JFTC
Jan 27, 2023
NATO Mission Iraq Pre-Deployment Training 23-1 Concluded at JFTC
“Si vis pacem, para bellum”. Another Busy Year Ahead of JFTC
Jan 12, 2023
“Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum”. Another Busy Year Ahead of JFTC
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“A truly cohesive event”. NATO Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2022 concluded at JFTC
Dec 09, 2022
“A truly cohesive event”. NATO Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2022 concluded at JFTC

Transformation Through Training in Focus

Whether through training or capability building, JFTC is at the very heart of NATO’s aspirations and transformation. The importance of both training and innovation is continuously growing, and JFTC remains on the cutting edge of enhancing NATO’s ability to project stability, deter adversaries and defend the Alliance.


JFTC is the focal point of NATO pre-deployment training.

Building on its vast experience from the International Security Assistance Force and Resolute Support Mission pre-deployment training, JFTC continues the mission-focused training for both headquarters and advisors deploying to the NATO Mission Iraq. JFTC ensures that trainees gain the knowledge, flexibility and capability to train, advise and assist their counterparts while laying the groundwork for their long-term sustainment.


JFTC is a key venue for NATO Command Structure/NATO Force Structure exercises.

JFTC actively supports NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure. It facilitates various exercises for NATO and National Headquarters, including operational level headquarters (such as Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum or Allied Joint Force Command Naples). The Centre also provides capable Training Teams to augment Exercise Control elements in other training events and exercises.


JFTC is a state-of-the-art platform for experimentation and innovation.

JFTC with its modern IT platform provides an ideal environment for future training-related transformational technical activities. The centre hosts and conducts sophisticated tests and experiments of capabilities that can be used in support of allied training and operations. JFTC is also the home of NATO’s annual Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise (CWIX), the NATO’s premier interoperability event. CWIX attracts around 1500 participants from close to 40 NATO and Partner Nations and multiple NATO commands, agencies, and organizations.

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Transformation Through Training

One Vision:

The Centre’s motto, “Transformation Through Training,” reflects its mission. JFTC plays a key role in the NATO transformation process by delivering joint pre-deployment training, supporting current operations and emerging requirements, and by offering a platform for experimentation, testing, and interoperability.

One mission:

The Joint Force Training Centre plans, prepares, and executes static and distributed combined and joint training in support of warfighting readiness.

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