The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) completed the first 2018 Resolute Support Training Event. As highlighted by Major General Wilhelm Grün, the JFTC Commander, thanks to the devotion of both training audience and exercise control staff, this was one of the best iterations of the pre-deployment preparation before mission to Afghanistan among those conducted within the past few years. This would not have been possible without the invaluable engagement of senior mentors and numerous flag officers who arrived in Bydgoszcz to explore and to support the event.

Throughout two weeks of the training, future advisors and members of the Resolute Support Headquarters in Kabul and the Train Advise Assist Command-North (TAAC-N) in Mazar-e-Sharif worked hand in hand for the success of the allied mission. During the academics and practical phase, the participants were assisted by subject matter experts – mainly soldiers, who had completed their service in Afghanistan, or current members of the Resolute Support mission, and also generals who augmented the training with their professional expertise and advice.

On 26 and 27 January, Brigadier General André Bodemann, former Commander of the TAAC-N, visited the training area to accompany the soldiers in their preparation process, to share his experience from the theatre and answer questions related to the allied mission in Afghanistan. During those two days, also Brigadier General Michael Matz, the Deputy Commander of the 1st German Armoured Division met with the participants to support them in their efforts and to observe the training at full speed.

A few flag officers explored and supported the event also during its last days. The training audience had a chance to meet the current Train Advise Assist Command-North Commander, Brigadier General Wolf-Jürgen Stahl. He addressed the participants on the last day of the event providing them with useful information related to the mission and the situation in Afghanistan.

Major General Walter Ohm, the Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum Deputy Chief of Staff for Support, met with future members of the Resolute Support Headquarters on 31 January and addressed all the participants during the closing ceremony the day after. In his closing remarks, General Ohm underlined the importance of the last phase of preparation before the mission in Afghanistan, including its team building aspect. He also recognized the high value of the training provided in Bydgoszcz. “The feedback I received from the participants was very positive, and so is my impression after two days at the Joint Force Training Centre” – said General Ohm. He also assured that JFCBS will do its best to provide all the support needed to make the Resolute Support mission successful.

Also Major General Thorsten Poschwatta, the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command Deputy Commander, met with the soldiers on the last day of their preparation. “I am absolutely convinced that all of you are prepared for your demanding jobs in the next couple of months. Having undergone the training here at JFTC you have been provided with the best possible preparation before your deployment” – said General Poschwatta, wishing the participants a successful mission in Afghanistan. He also encouraged future Resolute Support mission members to think of their mission in a long term perspective. “You have been trained by your predecessors. In a few months you will be the experts. (...) Be available for your successors, for the next rotation of this valuable course”.

Being the JFTC flagship event, Resolute Support training draws attention of NATO military officials. This time was no different. Major General Ignazio Gamba, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, visited the Joint Force Training Centre during the training to observe the centre’s capacity and capabilities used in practice. “Just a word above all: “flexibility”, because you demonstrated that you are tremendously able to find a solution to every training event you have to set up and execute” – general Gamba wrote in the JFTC guest book.

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