The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) completed its last 2017 Resolute Support training event. The closing ceremony took place on 26 October. For the last two days training efforts were observed by Lieutenant General Olivier Rittimann, the Chief of Staff (COS) at the Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS).

‘A principal vehicle in the Allied maneuver system to help Afghanistan’ – this is how General Rittimann referred to the Resolute Support mission’s members. The JFCBS Chief of Staff met with the Training Audience and JFTC key staff right before the end of the pre-deployment training. He had a closer look at the centre working at full speed for the success of the allied mission in Afghanistan and watched the progress of the training.

General Rittimann underlined the key value of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who arrived in Bydgoszcz, some of them directly from Afghanistan, to assist their successor in the preparation process. “This training relies on SMEs” – said the JFCBS Chief of Staff. He also addressed the JFTC staff and thanked for their devotion. “What you are delivering here is absolutely key not only to the Resolute Support Mission but to the Alliance as a whole.”

Brigadier General Gianluca Carai, the designated Commander of the Train Advise Assist Command West in Afghanistan, who trained in Bydgoszcz together with his future staff, added his words of appreciation for JFTC addressing the Exercise Director: “I want to thank you, Brigadier General Ladislav Jung, JFTC staff, SMEs and role players for your help in preparing us for our mission”.

During the last two weeks future members of the Resolute Support mission received their final preparation before deployment. The training, designed and delivered by JFTC, had been prepared in close cooperation with the Joint Force Command Brunssum. It consisted of both academic and practical exercises. The participants received a significant portion of high quality expertise and in-depth information related to transformation and development Afghanistan had gone through within last years, the current situation in the country as well as challenges they might encounter in the theatre. They also examined their skills and readiness for training, advising and assisting their Afghan counterparts (we wrote about the beginning of the training here).

During the closing ceremony, Brigadier General Ladislav Jung, the JFTC Deputy Commander/ Chief of Staff and also Director of the Exercise, thanked all members of both Training Audience and Exercise Control, for their commitment to the success of the allied mission. He also awarded several participants for their outstanding support to the training.

“I am sure you are ready to take over you roles and tasks in Afghanistan” – said General Jung. “I wish you a successful and safe mission.”


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