The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) has just conducted its second training for the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team (NALT). The event took place from 3 to 6 October 2017 in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina, and aimed at preparing advisors deployed to support the NATO mission in Kosovo for their roles of advising and assisting Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) and the Ministry of KSF (MKSF).

In 2016, JFTC assumed a leading role in developing training for the newly established NATO Advisory and Liaison Team. With its vast experience in planning and executing pre-deployment training for the Resolute Support (RS) mission, JFTC was a natural choice to take responsibility for the task. After refocusing and adapting the RS training concept to the Kosovo NALT mission, the first event of this type was held in March 2017.

The main NALT tasks include advising, assisting, liaising and coordinating with security organizations in Kosovo in order to support their further development focused on capacity building, education and training domains. Quick assimilation and understanding of the multitude of MKSF/KSF policies and procedures are the main challenges for the new NALT advisors. Learning how to advise in a foreign culture is another demanding task. The training supported by JFTC mobile training team, led by Colonel William Nemeth, JFTC Training Division Head, gave the NALT advisors a proper grounding in their roles in Kosovo.

The four-day training package delivered by JFTC and NALT subject matter experts consisted of two parts. Academic training focused on the history and culture of Kosovo and its security institutions, SFA principles as well as an understanding of the multitude of international organizations and bi-lateral partnerships also working in the region. The final two days of training consisted of practical training where each person conducted role play with a simulated counterpart using an interpreter. The trainees were also exposed to language training (Albanian and Serbian) as well as advanced influencing and negotiation techniques.


By MAJ Georgi Krastev, JFTC Training Division, and JFTC Public Affairs Office



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