Future members of the Resolute Support (RS) mission just started their final preparation before deployment to Afghanistan. The second 2017 RS training event kicked off on 25 April. Close to 120 soldiers gathered at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) to get ready for their mission. The JFTC Commander, Major General Wilhelm Grün, launched the training event.

Participants, including advisors, who will soon leave for various regions in Afghanistan, as well as future staff members of the Resolute Support Headquarters (RS HQ) and the Train Advice Assist Command-West (TAAC-W), received a huge portion of valuable information on the first day of the training.

General Salvatore Farina, the Commander of the Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), who addressed the training audience in a video teleconference, and Lieutenant General Rosario Castellano, the RS HQ Deputy Commander, briefed the training audience on the status of the mission, significant progress made by the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces as well as on political situation in Afghanistan. They also talked about current points of focus of the allied mission and its challenges. Both Generals emphasized the need for continuity of effort and for a multiyear approach during the mission. “We have to think in a long-term perspective” - General Farina highlighted, encouraging soldiers to look beyond the time they would spend in the theatre.

During first days of the event, the trainees were also supported by Major General Johann Langenegger, the RS HQ’s designated Chief of Staff. He participated in the training to observe its progress and to meet with his future staff.

All through the upcoming days the participants will be working hand in hand for the success of the allied mission. Two phases of the event, academic and practical part, aim at providing the best professional training soon before the deployment.

Major General Grün underlined another key aspect of the training in Bydgoszcz. “For majority of you this is the first possibility to meet your future partners. Use this opportunity to establish strong links” – said the JFTC Commander and stressed the fundamental role of cooperative and efficient teams for the success of the mission.

Yet again JFTC proved to be the flagship of NATO pre-deployment training. The centre’s staff created a very realistic training environment, tailored the event to the audience’s needs and involved highly qualified specialists. The trainees are supported by 130 trainers and Subject Matter Experts (SME) - JFTC members, representatives of numerous NATO units and agencies, NGOs, but most of all soldiers with relevant theatre experience. They serve the participants with their expertise and up-to-date knowledge on the Resolute Support mission and Afghanistan.

Resolute Support Training Event 17-2, designed and delivered by JFTC, has been prepared in close coordination with the Joint Force Command Brunssum. It is the second pre-deployment training session for the Afghan mission out of four planned for 2017.