Possible ways of support and future cooperation dominated discussions between leaders of the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) and the Multinational Division Southeast (MND SE). Major General Wilhelm Grün, the JFTC Commander, met with Brigadier General Ovidiu Uifaleanu (ROU A), the MND SE Commander, on 16 May. The Romanian General’s visit took place during a scripting event for the Trident Joust Exercise 17.

General Grün, supported by his key staff, introduced the guest to JFTC and presented its current shape and priorities. The talks also touched upon ongoing processes with the aim of increasing the Centre’s capacities in support of NATO training. In-depth information about infrastructure expansion, efforts related to optimization of the Centre’s Peacetime Establishment or CIS capabilities development, gave the MND SE Commander a broad picture of JFTC, its training capabilities and ambitions. This, combined with observation of the currently ongoing workshop focused on tailoring Exercise Trident Joust 17, laid foundation for discussions on future cooperation.

MND SE is currently preparing for Dacian Lancer - a certification exercise planned for spring next year. The closer look at the scripting event and links established during the visit will let the Division take advantage of JFTC experience, know-how and work – including the development of the scenario that will be used during both Trident Joust 17 and Dacian Lancer 18 exercises.

“Thank you for what you are doing for the soldiers” – General Uifaleanu addressed the JFTC Commander and his staff. “I cannot find a more important endeavor than keeping the institutional memory alive and passing all the military knowledge to new generations.” 

Headquarters Multinational Division Southeast is a North Atlantic Council activated NATO military body under operational command of Supreme Allied Commander Europe. It was established in September 2015 from the former 1st Infantry Division „DACICA”. The transformation was based on the Order of the Romanian Ministry of Defense, Mister Mircea DuČ™a.

The activation ceremony of the headquarters was celebrated on 1 December 2015 in Bucharest. It represented the official integration of HQ MND SE into the NATO Force Structure based on the implementation of the Readiness Action Plan from the Wales Summit 2014.

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