Fifteen National Liaison Representatives* (NLR) to the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Headquarters (HQ SACT) visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC). On 17 May, the group met with Major General Wilhelm Grün, the Centre’s Commander, and his key staff.

The guests, led by Danish NLR, Brigadier General Steen Hartov, arrived in Bydgoszcz to learn more about the Centre and also to see its expanding facilities. The development of JFTC capacity in support of NATO training was one of the main topics of discussions.

JFTC leaders provided the NLRs with a broad overview of JFTC current priorities, future plans and ongoing efforts that aim at rising to evolving training requirements. The guests were especially interested in the Centre’s infrastructure expansion, optimization of the Peacetime Establishment, CIS capabilities development and their influence on the existing training potential. During a walk around the Centre they had a chance to see the progress of construction works throughout the compound.

The discussions also touched upon JFTC’s ability to execute training in remote locations as well as cooperation with Centres of Excellence, NGOs and nations. As NLRs serve as links between their capitals and the HQ SACT, the JFTC Commander highlighted the key role of close and effective cooperation with nations as the basis of success of the Alliance and its respective headquarters.

* National Liaison Representatives (NLR) are uniformed military officials appointed by their governments to NATO in a national capacity. The NLRs provide Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation with national viewpoints and information from national sources, and serve as a channel of communication between HQ SACT and their national authorities.

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