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JFTC Battle Lab

"A hub for NATO Innovation"


JFTC, as part of the Allied Command Transformation, is engaged in innovative projects that are transforming NATO!

Through our Battle Lab we can support your activities with NATO Systems, tools and IT infrastructure to test future warfighting capabilities and related transformational activities of NATO and its Partners.




   Battle labs provide a synthetic environment for experimentation and testing of new technologies, processes, techniques  and procedures. Furthermore, concepts tested in a simulated or replicated operational type environment allow for further development and maturation before  they are introduced into an exercise or operation.



Who we are...

Established at the JFTC, NATO's focal point for training at the Joint Tactical level, The JFTC Battle Lab provides simulation, concept development and experimentation (CD&E) support and testing environments for new technical developments. Through various methods, such as Workshops, Seminars, Wargames, Test events and Experimentation, we support the Alliances' innovation activities by providing a tailored NATO IT infrastructure with the NATO virtual, constructive and gaming simulation tool set and NATO FAS that meets activity requirements.

Our focus...

1. Experimentation. Provide simulations, NATO FAS, technical, and subject matter expertise to Joint experimentation efforts throughout the Concept Development process as well as experiments that are integrated into or running parallel to an exercise.

2. Testing. Provide a testing environment with the technical and subject matter expertise to explore inter-operability of current and future systems.

3. Workshops. Hosting of hands-on interactive skill building activities that support Capabilities Development and Innovation objectives.

4. Seminars. Hosting of lecture style skill building activities that support Capabilities Development and Innovation objectives.

5. Wargames. Provide a simulation environment replicating a battle space enabling Commanders to analyze their mission objectives.


Join the JFTC Battle Lab as a partner in your innovative activity supporting the transformation of NATO


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