Contracting Officer’s Technical Representatives (COTRs) – personnel who, on behalf of the Contracting Officer, supervise services and service providers linked with the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) by commercial contracts – facilitate smooth operation of the centre. On 11 April, they received in-depth training related to their area of responsibility. It was designed by the Allied Command Transformation’s (ACT) contracting team and delivered by their head, Mr Kevin Mills.

The course focused on key areas of effective contract management, to include legal issues, statement of work development and procurement ethics. It was developed as part of 3 ACT procurement related workstreams: mitigation of procurement risk; harmonization of procurement policy; and increasing effectiveness of procurement operations and activities. The workstreams were presented to Allied nations on the NATO Budget Committee as part of the Annual ACT Contracting Report.

“I am pleased that ACT were able to host this pilot course at JFTC. The active participation by JFTC attendees was highly appreciated. The course received positive feedback from attendees“ - Mr Mills said at the end of the course.

JFTC was the first headquarters to receive the training opportunity. Further roll out of the course is now being evaluated.