“Modelling and Simulation as a Service” was the main topic of discussions held at the Joint Force Training Centre between 5 and 9 February. The Modelling and Simulation Group 164 (MSG 164) kickoff meeting gathered in Bydgoszcz to build upon developments of previous working groups (MSG 131 and 136) and thus to foster the work on enhancing future simulation environments for NATO and its partners.

Modelling and simulations is a discipline that uses models of real systems or processes in a virtual environment. The use of modelling and simulation by JFTC allows it to acquire analytical data during testing and to cost effectively train military forces. Modelling and Simulation as a Service is expected to provide highest quality simulations to their users no matter where they are.

Previous developments discovered in MSG-136 proved that M&S as a Service can highly benefit from commercial developments, and deliver future simulation environments to NATO and its partners even more efficiently. The recently conducted MSG-164 meeting defined the working group’s structure and program of work.

As a follow on activity, MSG-164 will:

  1. advance and promote operational readiness of M&S as a Service;
  2. align national efforts and share national experience in establishing capabilities of M&S as a Service;
  3. investigate critical research and development topics to further enhance benefits from M&S as a Service.

This activity will establish an infrastructure of the M&S as a Service that would be available for use in operationally relevant environments and would support continued experimentation and evaluation efforts related to M&S as a Service. It will also deliver a technical report - a repository of available M&S services and recommendations with regards to introducing M&S as a Service in NATO and in nations. Additional deliverables (e.g., interface specifications and prototype implementations) will be defined by MSG-164 members in the final program of work.

A cooperative demonstrations of findings and developments are expected in 2019 and 2020.