A group of experts from the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Polish think-tank specializing in foreign policy and international security, visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) on 15 February. The guests, including Mr. Zbigniew Pisarski, the President of the Foundation, met with Brigadier General Ladislav Jung, the JFTC Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff, to learn more about the Centre and to talk about possible future cooperation.

General Ladislav Jung, supported by his key staff, briefed the Casimir Pulaski Foundation’s representatives on JFTC, the Centre’s role within the Alliance, its tasks and activities, as well as its capabilities in support of training. In particular, the visitors were interested in the role of modelling and simulation tools as a crucial part of NATO training process.

The guests introduced the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, explained its main areas of focus and presented the Foundation’s flagship activity – the Warsaw Security Forum, planned for October this year. This opened the floor for vivid discussions about initiating dialogue between the institutions as well as about ways and timeframes of possible cooperation.


The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is an independent, non-partisan think-tank specializing in foreign policy and international security. The Pulaski Foundation provides analyses that describe and explain international developments, identify trends in the international environment, and contain possible recommendations and solutions for government decision makers and private sector managers to implement.

For more information about the Casimir Pulaski Foundation visit their webpage at https://pulaski.pl/en/



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