Students from two Bydgoszcz primary schools visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) on 24 November. They met with NATO officers and non-commissioned officers to learn more about the Alliance and its training centre based in Bydgoszcz. The visit was a part of the second  2017 edition of the Open Day for Schools at JFTC.

What is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization? How does NATO work? What are its principles and current operations? Where is the JFTC’s place within the Alliance? How does the centre fulfill its training mission? These are only few examples of questions that were answered during the Open Day for Schools. The JFTC’s young guests received a huge portion of information already in the first part of the meeting. Lieutenant Colonel Piotr Niewiarowski, the JFTC Headquarters Support Division Head, welcomed the students and briefed them on historical background of the Alliance, its values, member states as well as JFTC mission, activities and structure.

After the theoretical presentation, seven members of different JFTC divisions and offices representing 5 nations joined the students in an open and very vivid discussion. The soldiers answered questions concerning their experiences from allied missions, various aspects of work at JFTC, number of women serving in NATO structures and also eating habits. The questions and answers session was followed by a short walk through the centre’s compound, where the guests had a chance to see preparations before one of JFTC’s biggest exercises this year.

As Open Days for Schools become an integral part of JFTC’s calendar, the number of students who explore the centre personally is gradually growing. This time JFTC hosted more than 50 visitors from Primary School No. 60 and Sokrates International School. The next event of this kind is planned for spring 2018.



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