New educational supplies and training tools for physiotherapy will enhance capabilities of the Residential School and Vocational Training Centre Number 3 in Bydgoszcz. The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) has just equipped the school with didactic and rehabilitation accessories worth more than 6,000 PLN. The money was collected during the JFTC Ball charity lottery.

On 8 June, Colonel Wojciech Czerwiński, the JFTC Headquarters Support Division Head, met with the school leadership, teachers and most of all with pupils to hand over the presents.

“This equipment will support your educational efforts when you are back after the summer break” – said COL Czerwiński addressing the students. “Now, it is time to relax after a very busy school year. But once you are back to school, make good use of the new tools.”

As in the past, the school presented a beautiful music and dance performance to thank JFTC for the support. “We think that is the right way of showing how we appreciate all you do for us” – said Mrs. Alicja Kruzel, the Headmistress, “Thank you for remembering about our school and for being there for us.”

About the institution

The Residential School and Vocational Training Centre No. 3 in Bydgoszcz provides education for children and adolescent people who suffer from mild to profound intellectual and developmental disabilities. Teachers working at the center take innovative action and seek to introduce innovatory forms of diagnosing and planning of work with intellectually delayed students. Classes are supported by the multimedia information center. The institution offers extra classes in the form of special-interest circles as well as various therapies. All wards at the center are given the opportunity to present their skills in numerous interschool artistic events, national and international sports tournaments as well as celebrating most important events in the history of the institution.