jftc mag 11Transformation Through Training I/2018

Main topics of Issue No. 11:

  • Directing the Exercise. The Joint Force Training Centre in Brilliant Joust 2018 tailoring and execution
  • Augmenting CWIX. JFTC contributes to the success of the NATO’s biggest annual interoperability event
  • Switch to the future. A trial structure for JFTC

jftc mag 10Transformation Through Training I/2017

Main topics of Issue No. 10:

  • Transformation for Training: Interview with Major General Wilhelm Grün, Commander of the Joint Force Training Centre
  • NATO-Georgia Exercise: Another Milestone in the Development of Long Standing Military Cooperation
  • CWIX 2017: Test Your Capabilities and Get Ready for the Future to Keep Our Nations Safe

jftc mag 09Transformation Through Training I/2016

Main topics of Issue No. 9:

  • Major General Wilhelm Grün in Charge of NATO training in Bydgoszcz
  • JFTC is One Chamber of NATO's Training Heart. Admiral Nielson, the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation about JFTC and Its Future

jftc mag 08Transformation Through Training II/2015

Main topics of Issue No. 8:

  • You Are Central Part of the Transformation of the ACT Family
  • JFTC Staff Visit to Theatre
  • JFTC and VJTF Training

jftc mag 07Transformation Through Training I/2015

Main topics of Issue No. 7:

  • JFTC Towards New Challenges
  • Resolute Support to Resolute Support
  • Modelling and Simulation in the Exercise Process

jftc mag 06Transformation Through Training II/2014

Main topics of Issue No. 6:

  • The JFTC Going Strong as It Celebrates Its 10th Birthday
  • Trident Joust 14
  • Counter-Terrorism Policies & the Cost to the West Part II

jftc mag 05Transformation Through Training I/2014

Main topics of Issue No. 5:

  • 10 years of the Transformation Through Training
  • Counter-Terrorism Policies & the Cost to the West

jftc mag 04Transformation Through Training II/2013

Main topics of Issue No. 4:

  • JFTC as Potential Gateway for CFI Implementation
  • JJJ - Presenting a Unified Front

jftc mag 03Transformation Through Training I/2013

Main topics of Issue No. 3:

  • Conceptual Approach to Mission Specific Training
  • Smart Intelligence: Beyond Joint to Coalition Intelligence Collaboration

jftc mag 02Transformation Through Training II/2012

Main topics of Issue No. 2:

  • JFTC: The Home of CWIX
  • Above Kandak OMLT Training Event 12-01:
    Implementation of the Security Assistance Advisor Team Concept Already in Progress
  • Training Objectives - Keeping the Alliance Fit

jftc mag 01Transformation Through Training I/2012

Main topics of Issue No. 1:

  • ISAF Regional Command North Training Event 12-01
  • Knowledge Development - Response to Modern Challenges
  • The JFTC Contribution to the Distributed Training Concept